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Album: Best of the Punisher CD2 [free mp3]

Release: 2003 year
Artist: Big Pun
Album Tracks: 21 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Best of the Punisher CD2 download


File Size      #
1. Big Pun - Words From NORE.mp3 (1.33mb) download
2. Big Pun - You Came Up.mp3 (5.86mb) download
3. Big Pun - 100%.mp3 (5.80mb) download
4. Big Pun - at the speed of life (freestyl.mp3 (4.21mb) download
5. Big Pun - Bet Ya Man Can't.mp3 (5.88mb) download
6. Big Pun - Triple Threat.mp3 (6.09mb) download
7. Big Pun - Whatcha Gon Do.mp3 (4.69mb) download
8. Big Pun - Pina Colada.mp3 (6.24mb) download
9. Big Pun - Caribbean Connection.mp3 (5.10mb) download
10. Big Pun - Uncensored.mp3 (3.33mb) download
11. Big Pun - Still Not A Player (Ft Joe).mp3 (5.93mb) download
12. Big Pun - How We Roll.mp3 (5.37mb) download
13. Big Pun - The Hidden Hand.mp3 (7.67mb) download
14. Big Pun - The Symphony 2000.mp3 (6.56mb) download
15. Big Pun - Fire Water.mp3 (6.40mb) download
16. Big Pun - In for Life.mp3 (6.75mb) download
17. Big Pun - Wrong Ones.mp3 (6.20mb) download
18. Big Pun - John Blaze.mp3 (7.27mb) download
19. Big Pun - Super Lyrical.mp3 (5.21mb) download
20. Big Pun - Drop It Heavy.mp3 (6.01mb) download
21. Big Pun - Clap Your Hands feat. Noreaga, and Royal Flush (Unreleased).mp3 (5.39mb) download

Album: CD3 [free mp3]

Release: 2003 year
Artist: Big Pun
Album Tracks: 23 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

CD3 download


File Size      #
1. Big Pun - The Beat Box.mp3 (0.37mb) download
2. Big Pun - Parental Discretion.mp3 (6.86mb) download
3. Big Pun - It's So Hard.mp3 (4.33mb) download
4. Big Pun - My Turn.mp3 (5.72mb) download
5. Big Pun - Terror Squadians.mp3 (7.68mb) download
6. Big Pun - We Don't Care.mp3 (4.82mb) download
7. Big Pun - Wishful Thinking.mp3 (6.02mb) download
8. Big Pun - You Ain't A Killer.mp3 (6.38mb) download
9. Big Pun - Leather Face.mp3 (5.14mb) download
10. Big Pun - Pakinamac Pt. 1.mp3 (2.39mb) download
11. Big Pun - Off With His Head.mp3 (6.16mb) download
12. Big Pun - Pakinamac Pt. 2.mp3 (1.44mb) download
13. Big Pun - Boomerang.mp3 (5.40mb) download
14. Big Pun - Brave In The Heart.mp3 (5.91mb) download
15. Big Pun - Oh No (remix).mp3 (4.79mb) download
16. Big Pun - Who is A Thug.mp3 (6.73mb) download
17. Big Pun - Watch Those.mp3 (5.01mb) download
18. Big Pun - Fast Money.mp3 (5.73mb) download
19. Big Pun - Triplets.mp3 (5.73mb) download
20. Big Pun - Beware.mp3 (4.88mb) download
21. Big Pun - thug brothers.mp3 (4.18mb) download
22. Big Pun - Mamma.mp3 (6.42mb) download
23. Big Pun - flowers for the dead (pun tribute).mp3 (6.55mb) download

Album: Capital Punishment [free mp3]

Release: 1998 year
Artist: Big Pun
Album Tracks: 24 tracks
Format: .mp3, .wav

Capital Punishment download


File Size      #
1. Big Pun - 01. Intro.mp3 (1.14mb) download
2. Big Pun - 02. Beware.mp3 (6.51mb) download
3. Big Pun - 03. Super Lyrical feat. Black Thought of the Roots.mp3 (6.95mb) download
4. Big Pun - 04. Taster's Choice - Skit.mp3 (2.70mb) download
5. Big Pun - 05. Still Not A Player feat. Joe.mp3 (7.90mb) download
6. Big Pun - 06. Intermission.mp3 (0.72mb) download
7. Big Pun - 07. The Dream Shatterer.mp3 (7.14mb) download
8. Big Pun - 08. Punish Me feat. Miss Jones.mp3 (8.50mb) download
9. Big Pun - 09. Pakinamac Pt. 1.mp3 (3.19mb) download
10. Big Pun - 10. You Ain't A Killer.mp3 (8.50mb) download
11. Big Pun - 11. Pakinamac Pt. 2.mp3 (1.91mb) download
12. Big Pun - 12. Caribbean Connection feat. Wyclef.mp3 (6.81mb) download
13. Big Pun - 13. Glamour Life feat. Fat Joe and Terror Squad.mp3 (9.47mb) download
14. Big Pun - 14. Capital Punishment feat. Prospect.mp3 (8.66mb) download
15. Big Pun - 15. Uncensored feat. Funkmaster Flex.mp3 (4.44mb) download
16. Big Pun - 16. I'm Not A Player.mp3 (7.39mb) download
17. Big Pun - 17. Twinz (Deep Cover 98).mp3 (7.61mb) download
18. Big Pun - 18. The Rain and The Sun (Interlude) feat. Dead Prez.mp3 (3.53mb) download
19. Big Pun - 19. Boomerang.mp3 (7.20mb) download
20. Big Pun - 20. You Came Up feat. Noreaga.mp3 (7.82mb) download
21. Big Pun - 21. Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy) feat. Mobb Deep's Prodigy and Wu-Tang's Rebel INS.mp3 (8.65mb) download
22. Big Pun - 22. Charlie Rock Shout.mp3 (0.89mb) download
23. Big Pun - 23. Fast Money.mp3 (7.64mb) download
24. Big Pun - 24. Parental Discretion feat. Busta Rhymes.mp3 (9.15mb) download

[ Christina Milian: Someday One Day ]

Artist: Christina Milian
Song: Someday One Day

Day to day and each night I pray that this ends
That there's someone out there that's gonna melt my heart away
And take me to another place
From the lonlieness that's driving me insane

I get so cold summer feels like the winter
When I'm at home, all alone I just cry
I wish that I could just lie like I'm happy
But I can't hide this hurt inside


But I'll tell you someday I'm gonna find
A guy that's gonna change my life
And I tell you one day just wait and see
True love is waiting out there for me

[VERSE 2:]

I'm like an open book just trying to turn the page
Feels like I'm trapped in a maze trying to find my way
Oh my heart's yearning for someone to call my own
And I don't wanna sing another sad love song again

I get so cold summer feels like the winter
And not a full moon of gloom that just cried?
I wish that I could just lie like I'm happy
But I can't hide this hurt inside


Take me away, away
Far away, away
Take me away
So far away, away



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